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We are now almost fully booked for Summer 2024 and expect to close registration in the next few days.

We are now almost fully booked for Summer 2024 and expect to close registration in the next few days.

tarun ramphul

Attended: Young Engineer Summer Experience

Now: Studies Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering at University of Southampton

"InvestIN's Young Engineer Summer Experience was an eye-opening experience for me. The programme exposed me to a variety of engineering topics and allowed me to learn from industry professionals. Furthermore, they were open to connecting and meeting us in the future for advice or questions, adding more value to the programme.

During the internship, I learned fundamental concepts on aerofoils and flight mechanics that would not have been taught in school, allowing me to hit the ground running at university. The practical use of 3D printing and testing of said aerofoil in a water tunnel fuelled my ambition to become an aerodynamicist in Formula 1 at the time.

However, as I progressed through my Aeronautics and Astronautics engineering degree at the University of Southampton, I discovered many more opportunities within the field of engineering, such as project management. In fact, it was at this InvestIN event where I was introduced to such topics on management, finance and leadership, essential skills for any modern-day engineer.

InvestIN taught me the importance of being proactive and seeking opportunities to excel in my career. I also gained a solid foundation in networking, CV writing, and making informed decisions that are beneficial to my education and career growth. The professionals who shared their experiences and insights with us made the programme even more enriching, and their willingness to connect with us and offer guidance in the future is something I will always be grateful for.

In summary, InvestIN's Young Engineer Summer Experience provided me with a strong foundation to pursue my career aspirations. The experience gave me valuable insight into the industry, as well as the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a successful engineer."

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The Alumni Project

We often get asked what our students do beyond InvestIN - whether they continue to pursue the same career, or pivot into a different field. In 2023 we conducted a survey of our alumni students to find out what they are doing now and whether InvestIN helped them in this journey.

78% of respondents referenced InvestIN in their university application

80% of respondents said that our programmes helped them decide what career to pursue

3/4 of respondents that referenced InvestIN received a place at their first choice university

2/3 of respondents said our programmes gave them the knowledge and skills they needed to succeed in their chosen career