About Us

Who We Are 

InvestIN is a London-based organisation led by a group of experienced professionals from some of the world's most competitive careers. We exist to provide students with an immersive experience of their dream career before they start university, so they can get a head-start over their competition. More than 45,000 students from 100 different countries have attended our programmes, which take place both in-person in cities around the world, and online.


What We Do

We deliver immersive career experiences to students aged 15-18 who aspire to break into some of the world’s most desirable industries. On our programmes we aim to create the ‘ultimate work experience’ through interactive simulations, site visits, seminars, networking sessions and career coaching guidance. 

We offer experiences in 28 different careers, including STEM-related professions such as medicine, computer science and investment banking, through to careers in creative industries, law and politics. The full list can be found here.

On each programme, experienced professionals provide students with the following four foundations of a successful career:


The fundamental concepts a student must know about the profession that can only be understood in a live, collaborative environment.


Real-life, interactive simulations followed by guided feedback, so that students truly walk in the shoes of that professional.


Coaching on the science of breaking into the most desirable jobs, all the way from A-level/IB and university choices to interviews, applications and assessment centres.


An opportunity to meet-and-greet high-ranking professionals, who can become invaluable mentors for students' future careers. 


Our Approach

Our approach is to empower our students so that they think like young professionals now, not at some time in the distant future. Our students respond passionately to our calls for them to stand up and be counted on our programmes, through the various activities we involve them in. Overall, we aim to leave students with an overriding sense of inspiration, by sharing with them the innate passion we have for the work that we do.  


Our Cultural Values

Experience is Truth:

We believe that true learning can only happen by experience. Our purpose is to deliver professional experiences to young people that they would otherwise consider a far-flung fantasy. This ‘experiential learning’ appeals to all the senses and creates the kind of rounded young professionals that top employers are looking for.

Empowerment and Ownership:

We treat all of our students as young professionals, not simply older schoolchildren. InvestIN empowers students by thrusting them into a whirlwind of professional-life simulation, and asking them to stand up and be counted. Along with that empowerment comes the valuable lesson of responsibility. Students are expected to take ownership of their careers immediately, as we give them detailed advice about how to plant the seeds for a successful future; starting now.

Action and Urgency:

InvestIN believes that success requires both action and urgency. We have been able to grow at an exponential rate because we move ideas quickly into tangible steps forward and we execute them. InvestIN’s students refuse to be left behind and want to be able to cut through abstract procrastination; becoming empowered to act with decisiveness and urgency.


InvestIN is a fervent supporter of determined ambition. We believe that young people - and whole organisations - must continue to ‘think big’ in order to achieve their potential. We therefore coach our students to believe that there are no limits to their career ambitions, and give them the tools they need to thrive.


InvestIN is not an ordinary organisation. We create interactive simulations of professional life, which requires a commitment to using our imagination to deliver extraordinary experiences for our students. At the same time, we encourage our students to imagine themselves as young professionals now, not at some distant point in the future. We have discovered that tomorrow’s achievements are born from today’s visualisation.


At InvestIN, we understand the great responsibility that we take on in coaching students. Sometimes the simplest sentence or action can have a lasting impact on a young person’s life. We insist on running our operation with the highest level of integrity: from promoting the value of hard work and satisfaction over shortcuts and monetary rewards, to constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.