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How we Make a Difference

InvestIN is committed to closing the skills gap by providing free employability training to help students achieve their dream career. Social impact is at the heart of what we do. 

We run a mentorship scheme for students from underrepresented backgrounds, offer paid termly volunteering days for our staff and run regular charity initiatives and competitions to raise money for causes that align with our values. 

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We want our life-changing career experiences to be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer bursary places on our live online weekend programmes for students whose financial situation would prevent them being able to attend otherwise. We are thrilled to have given out over 1000 bursary places in this academic year alone, and look forward to continuing our work with our Partner Schools to extend this service. Bursaries cover 100% of the programme fee and are funded by us. 

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Bursaries given this year alone

It was extremely enjoyable and there was lots of useful information from industry professionals... I would definitely recommend this course.

Sophie, The Young Vet Summer Experience 2021

A genuinely beneficial experience. Whether you're already an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one, this course is a great idea. Definitely recommend it.

Nidal, The Young Entrepreneurship Summer Experience 2021

This course completely exceeded my expectations… We did a murder trial, negotiations, human rights law, career coaching and so much more. I now know I will be pursuing law in my future.

Amelia Hanspaul, The Young Lawyer Summer Experience 2021

Mentorship Scheme

As part of our drive to help the next generation succeed, we set up the InvestIN Mentorship Scheme. We designed this initiative to give ambitious students from underrepresented backgrounds a headstart in their dream career. 

Each of our staff members worked in a 1:1 capacity with their mentee, tailoring their support to suit the student’s needs. Some students received help with CV building and job applications, whilst others worked on programme applications and improving their interview skills. 

The scheme has so far produced some fantastic results and we’ve had brilliant feedback from our mentees and their teachers. Senior Programme Manager Elle helped her mentee Aba to apply for a Dental Nursing Apprenticeship Programme in Berkhamsted. We were thrilled to hear that application was successful - congratulations Aba!

I have really enjoyed the sessions with Elle and would’ve loved them to run for longer... I really liked how Elle tailored the sessions towards what I wanted to achieve. Having a mentor who is quite close in age has been great as I have felt much more comfortable expressing myself.

Aba Sharman, Student, Hemel Hempstead School

Aba emailed me to say she had been accepted onto the dental nurse apprenticeship in Berkhamsted and wanted to pass her thanks onto you. I know Aba got a lot out of these and it was good to see the professional relationship between the two of you grow. I hope we can work with InvestIN mentors again next year.

Sue Bond, Teacher, Hemel Hempstead School

We offer experiences in 28 of the world’s most desirable careers.

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Charity Initiatives

We’ve run a number of exciting charity competitions designed to engage our students whilst raising money and awareness for the causes we’re passionate about. 

Writing to Reflect: InvestIn’s Summer Writing Challenge (Summer 2021)

To celebrate National Writing Day and encourage reflection after a difficult year, we asked students to submit a creative writing piece detailing a skill or life lesson they’d learnt over the pandemic that would positively impact their future. Shortlisted entries will be judged later this year by award-winning spoken word poet Kayla Feldman! 

For every submission InvestIN will make a donation to UNICEF, whose groundbreaking work helps children across the world access essential education.

The Young Innovators Challenge (Summer 2020)

In 2020, we challenged students to come up with a bold new idea to transform virtual learning in a school activity of their choice. For every entry, we made a donation to The Childhood Trust’s ‘Champions for Children’ charity, who supported vulnerable children affected by Covid-19.


charity competitions submissions this year

Our events

We run a series free-of-charge events for teachers, parents, students and professionals covering key employability skills. You can see details and register for our upcoming events below.

Upcoming Events

Through our events, we aim to provide crucial knowledge and experience to bridge the skills gap between education and industry. All of our events are run alongside industry-leading professionals who offer a vital insight into their careers as well as top tips, advice and techniques to accelerate students’ career journeys.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

% of the students who attend our programmes are BAME

% of the students who attend our programmes identify as female

% of our summer experiences include a dedicated EDI session

% of professionals on our panels identify as female

At InvestIN, we strive to create an inclusive, respectful and representative environment, both on our programmes and within our company. We understand there is much to be done to make this country’s workforce fair and inclusive. We seek to play our part in every possible way so we can help bring about impactful change. 

We therefore include expert-led equality, diversity and inclusion sessions on each of our summer experiences. Through realistic, interactive scenarios we teach students how to foster inclusivity and dismantle barriers in their future workplace. Students also receive in-depth guidance and feedback from specialists in the area.

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