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Registration for our 2024 Summer Experiences has now opened! Book now to secure your place.

Registration for our 2024 Summer Experiences has now opened! Book now to secure your place.

The Young Psychologist Weekend


The Young Psychologist Weekend


The Young Psychologist Weekend gives students aged 15-18 a chance to test-drive life as a psychologist. Learn from top psychologists as they guide you through a series of interactive activities: conduct patient assessments, deploy psychological techniques and devise treatment plans. You will also get expert advice on how to become a successful psychologist, with guidance on university choices, extra-curricular activities, work experience and more.

You can attend either in-person in London or live online. Register now to gain an edge over other aspiring psychologists, and a super-curricular experience to add to your university application.

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    An Interactive Masterclass:
    • Top psychologists will coach you through a range of interactive activities, including: 
    • Clinical Psychology: carry out a live initial assessment with a patient and recommend the best treatment
    • Forensic Psychology: get involved in an in-depth risk assessment of a criminal, devising an effective treatment plan
    • Educational Psychology: working with a top educational psychologist, research child psychological development and carry out assessments 
    Expert Career Coaching:
    • You will be trained on how to fulfil your ambitions of becoming a top psychologist 
    • An action plan of how to break into the field, starting now
    • Coaching by experts on: A-level/IB choices, university and degree selection; extra-curricular activities; work experience; application and interview techniques
    An Audience With Top Psychologists:
    • Hear from successful psychologists and ask them all your burning questions
    • Psychologists from a range of backgrounds – Clinical, Forensic, Educational and more
    Boost Your Career Potential:
    • Attendance demonstrates you’ve gained key skills such as communication, empathy and teamwork
    • Complete the online assessment after the programme and receive a personalised certificate to include in your applications
    A Whole Year of Career Development:
    • Included in your programme fee is one year’s access to our work experience platform, AmbitionX
    • Over 100 hours of live and interactive online sessions with professionals from 15 different industries
    • Gain experience points and certificates for every session you complete

    The World of a Psychologist

    • Psychology as an understanding of human experience
    • Psychology and its various disciplines
    • The pressure and expectations 

    The Clinical Psychologist

    • Coaching by clinical psychologists on how to effectively connect with your patients during therapy
    • Analyse psychological conditions using cognitive behavioural therapy and carry out an initial assessment with a mock patient
    • Recommend the best treatment plan for the patient

    Lunch Break



    The Forensic Psychologist

    • Assess the psychological state of an offender who is awaiting trial (played by an actor)
    • Carry out an in-depth risk assessment and devise an effective treatment plan
    • Receive feedback from an expert forensic psychologist on your approach when interviewing the offender

    The Educational Psychologist

    • Understand children's social, cognitive and emotional development 
    • How intersectionality and adverse childhood experiences can impact development and wellbeing
    • Carry out dynamic assessments and practise building rapport
    • Design and implement interventions, focusing on behaviour management, learning strategies and relaxation techniques

    Career Coaching

    • Your path to becoming a successful psychologist, starting now
    • A-level/IB choices, university & subject selection
    • How to get the most impressive work experience

    Panel Q&A

    • Live panel Q&A with psychologists from various disciplines
    • Key questions answered
    • Receive valuable advice



    This programme is for students aged 15-18. No prior knowledge or experience is required. The programme involves a mixture of interactive simulations, exercises and Q&A sessions. You can choose to attend the programme either in-person in London or ‘Live Online’; the content is the same for both.

    Programme Fee:

    In-Person: £195/student for full day

    'Live Online’: £165/student for full day

    There is no application process, and you can secure your place simply by clicking “Register Now”. We operate on a first-come first-served basis and programme places are limited.

    Choose a location below:

    In Person

    Available dates:

    • 19th November 2023


    • University College London (UCL)

    Accommodation location:

    • University College London (UCL),

    Included in your programme fee is one year’s access to our work experience platform, AmbitionX. This gives you access to 100+ hours of live and interactive online sessions with professionals from 15 different industries. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a huge variety of professional experience to include in university and job applications. For each session you attend, you will receive experience points and a certificate!



    In the unlikely event that the in-person programme is completely cancelled because of Covid-19 then students will receive a refund. We have never yet had to cancel a London summer experience, having successfully delivered programmes during the summers of 2020 and 2021, with strict social distancing and excellent feedback. We shall of course adhere to all Covid-related government guidelines in place at the time of the programme and keep student safety as the highest priority.

    If you pay via credit because you postponed a previous booking then the credit note will be reissued to you in full.



    If you are trying to register and the registration box is not appearing it is likely because of firewall restrictions on your desktop device.

    You may wish to try on your mobile device instead. Alternatively, please email with details of the programme you want to register for. We will reserve your place immediately and send you a link to pay by card online.