Open Days – career-changing events not to be missed!

November 07, 2016 2 min read

By Tanita Corbeanu, LPC student at the University of Law, Moorgate centre (London), Alumnus of The Young Lawyer Recruitment Programme 2016

It was one of those days when I wished a day had 30 hours. The workload was piling on, I was struggling to keep afloat underneath the sea of papers and I had to catch up with it all. My inbox was full as well, but that was not one of my priorities at that moment. Until something caught my attention… something popped up in my right hand corner of the screen with the title: “GoThinkBig – Insight Day opportunity with Reed Smith”.

To be honest, to that date I have never heard of GoThinkBig before. But I had heard of Reed Smith - it was one of the few firms I had had my eyes on since my second year of university as we have a common interest - media law! I think my curiosity in media law came across in my application as I was successful in securing a place at the insight day event with the firm! I felt proud, I felt good, I felt at peace with myself – maybe because it was one of the few applications I did not feel the need to “force” my enthusiasm.

Yes, I will not deny that the offices are Suits-alike. But this is not what made me fall in love with the firm. It was the people! It was something I could not have experienced just by reading about the firm on their website, in their brochures or at law fairs. They are very proud of their culture and I seem to understand why. It is something about the people that feels… genuine.

We also had the opportunity to receive an insight into the practice of media law from two partners specialising in this area. The partners’ appearance, their attitude, their confidence and the way in which they presented their everyday activities gave me that “click”– the moment I realized that media law is something I definitely wanted to pursue. And I certainly would love to pursue it with the professional team at Reed Smith (at the risk of sounding too cheesy).

The people within the firm, from the graduate recruiters, to trainees, associates and partners helped me realise that law is indeed something I want to pursue. They gave me the confidence that I do have the potential to be a good lawyer and that as long as I am genuine to my passions, this will shine through. And that they will appreciate that.

This is why I would advise anyone to go to open day events. Go explore. Go find your “click”.It might be a lengthy process, but it is definitely worth investing time in it. It will give you a feeling I cannot put into words, but I can prove it through my actions. I am committed to fulfilling my ambition in becoming the best commercial media lawyer I can be. THANK YOU, Reed Smith & GoThinkBig for changing my vision!

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