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We are now almost fully booked for Summer 2024 and expect to close registration in the next few days.

We are now almost fully booked for Summer 2024 and expect to close registration in the next few days.

The Young Computer Scientist Summer Experience

The Ultimate Work Experience in Computer Science in London

InvestIN Education
InvestIN Education

The Young Computer Scientist Summer Experience

The Ultimate Work Experience in Computer Science in London


Registration for this programme is now closed. Dates for our 2025 Summer Experiences will be released shortly. Sign up to our mailing list to gain access to early-bird promotions!

Join us for the ultimate work experience for aspiring computer scientists in London this summer, for students aged 15-18.

Over the course of two weeks, students will get to step into the shoes of a computer scientist working in London, through a range of immersive career simulations and exclusive professional site visits. Programme robots, design your own video game and become a pro using Figma – the industry standard app design tool.

Students taking part in this unique opportunity will gain key industry insights, build invaluable experience and expand their professional network, supporting them in their future endeavours. They'll also get to spend time on campus at the prestigious University College London. Completing the summer experience will look great on university applications too, helping students stand out in a competitive field.

Register now for a life-changing experience that will set you up for a future as a successful computer scientist, or contact us to find out more. 


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Immersive Computer Science Experiences:
  • Take part in a 2-day Game Jam to design and create your own platformer
  • Using your UI/UX skills, in teams, devise a trading app with a unique selling point
  • Programme an educational obstacle avoidance robot using Python
  • Understand the complex ethics surrounding robotics and AI
  • Undertake a masterclass in web & app design, using the industry standard User UI/UX design tool – Figma
Meet Senior Computer Scientists:
  • Be coached through the immersive experiences with entrepreneurial computer scientists, who’ve founded successful firms specialising in front & back-end development, cyber security, tech recruiters and more
  • Attend private networking session with ambitious Fintech, computer science students & professionals, creating vital connections for your future career
Career Coaching:
  • Receive training on how to land the most desirable jobs in computer science
  • Advice on subject choices, university selection, work experience, extra-curricular activities and more
Competitive advantage in your university application:
  • Attending the Experience demonstrates that you have gained key skills which are highly valued by top universities
  • Complete the online assessment after the programme and receive a personalised certificate to include in your university applications & Linkedin
  • Get a personalised industry reference letter from computer scientists confirming what you have achieved on the programme
World class universities & world class people:
  • Experience one of the best universities on the planet: University College London (UCL).
  • Meet talented, ambitious and like-minded students from around the world who fly in for our unique computer science work experience, creating an invaluable global network.
Design Your Own Summer Experience:

⦁    Choose from one of the following options:

1.    First Week Only (taster experience); or
2.    Two-Week Experience (the full programme); or
3.    Two-Week Premium Experience (the ultimate package with both weeks plus enhanced benefits)

You can choose either residential or non-residential. The accommodation is at UCL student halls in central London. We provide residential students with meals, guardianship and fun activities on evenings and weekends. Airport transfers are also available at checkout.

Coming from abroad?
  • To date, we have welcomed students onto InvestIN programmes from over 100 different countries. They often say that a huge motivation is to meet and befriend students from around the world, whilst taking their English language skills to the next level. 
  • Attending a summer programme is a fantastic way to experience London, one of the world’s most renowned capital cities for academic excellence, global commerce and vibrant culture. You can also select our residential package to truly experience life on-campus at a top UK university (UCL), by living in private ensuite rooms at university halls of residence. We can offer everything you need – from airport transfers to meals and a fantastic evening social programme.
  • For students learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL), attending an InvestIN programme facilitates real-world application of English. Students will be immersed in the language 24/7, whether that’s working in a team, writing a project proposal, presenting to a group, networking with professionals or socialising with peers. Our programmes are delivered and facilitated by native English speakers, whilst over 50% of our students are from the UK and the US, providing international students with the perfect opportunity to enhance their oral and written skills in a professional and social context. Find out more about the benefits for EFL students in our blog post here.
  • For information about visas and language requirements, please see our FAQs page here.
Coming from the UK?
  • You can choose to attend our programmes as a day student if you live locally. Otherwise, our residential package will give you a great flavour of life in student halls of residence before you apply to university in the future.
  • Around 50% of our students come from abroad, providing you with a unique opportunity to network with and befriend peers from a range of different backgrounds and cultures.

Immersive Experiences Week 1

The World of Computer Scientists

  • Understand the key career paths in computer science: software engineering, video game designing and the emerging worlds of AI and machine learning 
  • Take part in icebreaker activities to get to know your fellow students
  • Learn about the blend between innovation and computer science and see how tech entrepreneurs are changing the world 
  • Career coaching on skills needed to become an outstanding computer scientist


  • Understand the complex ethics surrounding robotics and AI 
  • Assemble an educational obstacle avoidance robot in teams
  • Programme your robot in teams in a line following workshop using it’s built in sensors
  • Use scratch based coding or python to help your robot navigate around depending on your skill level 

UI/UX & Front End-Engineering

  • Become the UX designer: learn how to gather a client’s requirements,
  • Using Figma: Undertake a masterclass in the programme Figma, the programmers toolkit to app development  
  • Explore the ‘front-end’ (also known as client side) of software engineering
  • Discover the most important software-building tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more
  • Web development simulation, create a full-stack project using Python & Java

Back End Engineering and Video Game Design

  • Explore the main algorithms and discover how to solve programming problems efficiently
  • Get hands-on: create the back end of a full-stack project using Python
  • Learn common methodologies, tips and tricks to perform better when coding
  • Undertake in introduction to video game design
  • Showcase your work from the summer experience so far and receive feedback from professionals

This Summer Experience is for students aged 15-18 and you do not require any prior knowledge to attend.

The start date is the 29th July.  You can choose to attend for either ‘First Week Only’, ‘Two Weeks’ or our ‘Two Week Premium’ package. You can also choose residential or non-residential. Pricing and details are set out below.

Click “Register Now” to book your place.

London 1 week London 2-weeks London Premium
Length First week only 2-weeks full programme 2-weeks Premium
Explore UI/UX, build your own video game designs, explore the world of robotics
Take part in a 2-day Game Jam workshop, devise a trading app with a unique selling point, take part in a simulated cyber attack
Private networking session with top computer scientists
Industry reference letter: personalised letter from computer scientists confirming what you’ve achieved on the programme
Graduation ceremony for completion of the full programme
Professional development portfolio: CV-writing masterclass, LinkedIn workshop, professional headshots, personality profiling & psychometric testing
Leadership, teamwork & strategy coaching & team challenge
Gala dinner with professionals on the River Thames
Keynote speeches & networking reception with accomplished industry leaders
For students coming from abroad, enhance your oral and written skills in business-level English
Summer Experience fee £1950 £2950 £3950
Optional fee for accommodation with meals, guardianship and evening & weekend activities included Available for an additional
Available for an additional
Available for an additional
Optional fee for London airport transfers (return) Available for an additional
Available for an additional
Available for an additional

Choose a location below:

In Person

Available dates:

  • 29th July 2024


  • The programme is based at UCL and the surrounding University of London campus. Certain days take place in other key industry locations in London.

Accommodation location:

  • Students who choose accommodation will reside in University of London halls of residence. We occupy 4 different halls close-by to each other (listed below). The vast majority of students will be placed in Garden Halls.


    Garden Halls, London, WC1H 9EN

    College Hall, London, WC1E 7HZ

    International Hall, London, WC1N 1AS

    Frances Gardner House, WC1X 0HD


Please find below some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions you'll be able to find our full FAQ list here and you are also welcome to reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help!

When is the deadline for registering for an experience?
Places on our programmes are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis so we will close registration as soon as we reach capacity, because of this we would always recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to attend.
Do I get a certificate?
Upon completion of the programme you will receive a bespoke certificate to include in all of your future applications. This will help you stand out from the crowd and show your passion for your chosen career. Letters of attendance are also available upon request at
Who are your safeguarding team?
On each Summer Experience, we have safeguarding team members on-site 24/7 to promote the safeguarding and pastoral welfare of our students. Our team are security-vetted (enhanced DBS-checked) professionals who work in education full time and our team is made up of Academic Professionals / LSA, Safeguarding Officers, Nursing Professionals, and Mental Health Practitioners. Students will therefore always be able to easily contact a guardian, should they need any support.
What is included in the accommodation package?
You can choose to add our accommodation package to your booking where you will be allocated to the University of London's Garden Halls, College Hall, or International Hall. Here, you will enjoy your own private room, 3 meals a day, and 24/7 guardianship. There are also lots of communal areas such as a games room and cinema room where you will be able to socialise with other students. Our safeguarding team will also put on evening activities such as trivia night, games night, and sports evenings. You will be able to arrive at the accommodation the day before the programme starts and checkout will be the day after the programme comes to an end.
Do you offer payment plans?
Do you offer payment plans? Yes, payment plans are available until the end of April 2024. We are now only accepting payments in full. Please contact if you would like further assistance.
Will there be any opportunities for rest days?
Programme hours take place Monday-Friday, with a break over the weekend. If you select the 2-Week Premium option, the weekend will feature exclusive professional development opportunities outlined in the timetable.
Do you need work experience to get a job in computer science?
A degree alone won't guarantee you a job, so it's important to look for experience in the field before applying for a role in computer science. Placements, internships, and voluntary work will improve your chance of getting a role in the future. Building up your own portfolio of work is a valuable way of demonstrating your technical abilities.
How do I get work experience in computer science?
If you’re looking for work experience in computer science, you should: - Look for companies in your local area and contact them - Reach out to people in the industry to build a network of contacts – they may be aware of opportunities you've not seen - Utilise social media, as there will be plenty of online groups and communities that have more insights - Contribute to an open-source project - Build out your CV and send it to relevant companies - Look for summer internships and placements - Offer to volunteer at relevant organisations – unpaid work is just as valuable as paid work when it comes to applying for future roles - Take part in InvestIN's summer experience - Get in touch with recruiters, careers guides, and so on
How do you become a computer scientist?
To become a computer scientist, you'll need to: - Attain a degree in a relevant field: Some employers require a bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar field. Your degree will include modules on things like coding, data formats, analytics, software platforms, mathematics, and more. Some companies may accept accredited coding courses and bootcamps as suitable qualifications. - Work on your coding skills: You'll need a strong understanding of programming, so it's important to spend the time developing your knowledge - Consider a master's or doctorate degree: These will help you specialise in a particular field, and will open more professional doors - Get experience: Look for internships, volunteering opportunities, placements – anything that will get you some experience in the field - Gain certifications and qualifications: Different roles will require certifications in particular areas, so be sure to do your research into a variety of roles and companies to see what's required - Look for entry level positions: You'll likely need to start in an entry-level position, so keep an eye out for opportunities and be proactive in your search
What skills do you need to be a good computer scientist?
A good computer scientist will need specific knowledge, technical skills, and soft skills. These include: - Proficiency in programming languages: These include Java, Python, C++, JavaScript and more - Knowledge of algorithms and data structures: Essential for optimising software performance and solving problems - Database management skills: Administration and management in this area is essential for efficient handling of large quantities of data - Knowledge of operating systems: You'll need to understand the fundamentals of operating systems when designing effective software - Understanding of the software development lifecycle: This is vital for delivering quality software products - Communication skills: You'll need to convey your ideas and collaborate with team members, so strong communication skills will be helpful - Problem-solving skills: Complex issues are always likely to arise, so thinking analytically to solve problems is vital - Adaptability: In such a dynamic industry, you'll need to be ready to adapt - Attention to detail: Tasks like writing code and debugging programmes demand attention to detail


Information for international & EFL students

We have a minimum English language requirement of B2 (upper-intermediate, CEFR). For students learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL), attending an InvestIN programme facilitates real-world application of English. Our programmes are delivered and facilitated by native English speakers, whilst over 50% of our students are from the UK and the US, providing international students with the perfect opportunity to enhance their oral and written skills in a professional and social context. Find out more about the benefits for EFL students in our blog post here.



If you are trying to register and the registration box is not appearing it is likely because of firewall restrictions on your desktop device.

You may wish to try on your mobile device instead. Alternatively, please email with details of the programme you want to register for. We will reserve your place immediately and send you a link to pay by card online.