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We are now almost fully booked for Summer 2024 and expect to close registration in the next few days.

We are now almost fully booked for Summer 2024 and expect to close registration in the next few days.

Student looking into their future with VR headset

04 March 2022

My Career, My Vision: Careers Week Competition


In honour of the UK’s National Careers Week, InvestIN hosted My Career, My Vision, a competition designed to get students thinking creatively about their futures.  

We invited students to submit an image of their own design that depicted their dream career, with an accompanying caption explaining why they wanted to go into that field.

For every submission received, we pledged to make a donation to the UNICEF Ukraine Appeal.  


We received a fantastic 596 entries depicting a huge range of careers, and students demonstrated passion, imagination and real creative flair in their designs. 

Narrowing down the submissions to a final shortlist was difficult, but we chose our winner and runners-up based on composition, creativity, how well they answered the brief and the strength of their accompanying caption.

Congratulations to our winner, Jansara from Badminton School, for her fantastic rendition of her dream future as a civil engineer! 

As our winner, Jansara will receive an AmbitionX membership, granting her access to all our live online weekend career programmes and hopefully helping to bring that dream career within reach!

Congratulations also to Royal Liberty School, who submitted the most entries and will therefore receive a bespoke careers talk from an inspirational speaker for their students.

A special mention goes out to Green Corridor, who submitted the second most entries - thank you for your hard work and dedication!

And finally, a huge thank you to every student that took part. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the artistic realisations of your dream careers and wish you all the best with achieving them.

Your combined efforts have helped raise an incredible £2000 for UNICEF’s Ukraine appeal and you will all be invited to a live online CV-writing workshop to help you kickstart your career journey now. 

Scroll down to see the winning image, the runners-up and the rest of the shortlist! 


Jansara, Badminton School

In the future, I would like to be a civil engineer, as shown in this drawing of my dad and I shadowing his work. The field of engineering is appealing to me as it requires problem solving skills and is a combination of physics and maths, my favourite subjects. 

InvestIN’s comments: We chose Jansara’s colourful submission as our winner because we really felt it brought her dream of becoming a civil engineer to life. We always love to see students seeking to learn through experience, and particularly liked this depiction of Jansara shadowing her dad in the workplace. The cityscape against that vivid sky is so striking, and the different building materials in the foreground work really well. A beautiful composition and a worthy ambition - good luck Jansara!


Susana, Al Bateen Academy 

I want to become a videogame designer because my passions are art and playing video games. Having people around the world play a game I helped design and have fun - that's when I'll know I'm doing what I love.

InvestIN’s comments: We were so impressed with Susana’s intricate, well-thought-out design. The level of detail is fantastic: from the flags on the wall to the post-it on the computer screen, we found this an artistic and atmospheric rendition of an exciting career ambition. Well done Susana, we hope you achieve your dream of becoming a videogame designer!


Aishath, Ghiyasuddin International School

A psychologist is someone who helps people learn healthy ways to handle challenges they face mentally. I think the mentality of different people is a fascinating area to study. I want to be a child psychologist because I believe it is important for kids to maintain a healthy mindset.

InvestIN’s comments: We loved Aishath’s clever design, which clearly depicts her ambition to become a psychologist and makes use of mixed media to great effect. Such a creative concept, brilliantly executed; congrats Aishath! We’re sure you’ve got all the makings of a top psychologist. 

Highly Commended

Suhani, ACS International Singapore

This artwork depicts me painting on an easel, the perspective being unique, the viewpoint being from the floor. The night sky and ceiling are whimsical and abstract, somewhat “dream”-like and confusing, but also my dream career at the same time as I want to make art to inspire people. 

Shakila, Al Bateen Academy 

This is an illustration made by yours truly, Shakila, on what I want to pursue in the near future. I want to be able to be creative and create art while helping others and embracing new technology. It shows sides of my future career with the technical side having lines of code and the artistry side with the splash of color. 

Luke, St Crispin's School

I enjoy expressing myself through music and hope that it will also bring joy to others.

Juliana, St Nicholas School

My dream career is to be either a film director or an actor. The behind the scenes of making a movie amazes me. Making movies that impact people and that leave a mark on someone's life is something incredible.

Tuyana, Al Bateen Academy

In the future I want to become a doctor because it is my dream to help people and to use my passion for the best.

Prodepran, Heathfield International School

My dream career is to become a UX designer because I want to be a part of creating new, unique applications! 

Irene, British Junior Academy of Brussels 

Journalism is the future.



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