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The Young Software Engineer Weekend

The Young Software Engineer Weekend

Ages 15-18 Live Online or In-Person

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The Young Software Engineer Weekend gives students aged 15-18 an immersive experience of Software Engineering. Across 2 days you will take part in a series of role-plays, seminars, simulations and Q&A sessions led by a group of experienced computer scientists. You can choose to attend the programme either in-person or ‘Live Online’.

Attendance will give you a competitive edge in the race for the best universities and jobs in software engineering, and a 'super-curricular' experience to add to your university/college applications.


An Immersive Experience of Software Engineering:

  • Tech experts from world-leading brands will coach you through live, interactive experiences including: 
  • Working in a full-stack project with front-end and back-end engineering
  • Presenting a software architecture project to an international board and stakeholders
  • Testing software to prevent errors that have cost big tech companies billions
  • Discovering the most important algorithms in Software Engineering

Career Coaching for Future Software Engineers:

  • Training on how to land your dream job in the industry
  • An action plan of how to get there, starting now
  • Coaching by experts on A-level/IB/college class choices; university/college and degree choices; extra-curricular activities; work experience; application and interview techniques

An Audience with Top Software Engineers:

  • A Q&A session with a panel of high-ranking software engineers covering areas such as Website and App development, Augmented/Virtual Reality and The Internet of Things.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to our depth of expertise. Students can contact us for further advice at any time

Boost Your University/College Application and CV/Resume:

  • Attendance demonstrates you’ve gained key skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, commercial awareness and the ability to apply theoretical concepts
  • Complete the online assessment after the programme and receive a personalised certificate to include in your applications

Day one: Front-end & Back-end

Day two: Software Architecture & Testing

Day one: Front-end & Back-end

10.30amThe World of a Software Engineer

- Our time is now: Software Engineers as the most valuable assets in global commerce
- How to make your mark in the world of disruptive innovation
- Software engineering in the most cutting-edge industries
- The demands and expectations

10.50amYou Become the Software Engineer

- You will now be assigned the role of Full-Stack Developer for a start-up. Throughout the rest of the day you will be coached on how to devise the ultimate app to meet the needs of your start-up by Industry leading professionals
- Compete against other teams in a dynamic, vibrant atmosphere that will immerse you in the real world of software engineering

11.00amFront-end & User Experience

- Know your audience: breaking into the minds of your consumers
- The fundamentals of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
- Demystifying the jargon and understanding the crucial elements of great-looking content no matter the device

11.30amBecome a Front-end Engineer

- Implement all your Front-end knowledge to develop a front-end application for a start-up
- Create layouts with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
- Work optimising functions with the TDD approach

1.30pmLunch break

2.30pmBack-end and Server-Side Development

- How to think algorithmically and solve programming problems efficiently
- Learn how to store data in a relational database
- Use these tools to create or contribute to web applications with clean, portable, well-documented code

3.00pmBecome a Back-end Engineer

- Work with leading software engineers to design a bespoke app for your client
- Compete against your peers to create the most innovative solution
- Experience for yourself the challenges and solutions involved in today’s technology
- Receive guided feedback at every stage from leading industry executives

4.15pmChoosing your path in Software Engineering

- Your path to becoming a tech superstar, starting now
- Front-end, Back-end or Full Stack Engineers
- Which languages to learn and how to build a portfolio
- Start to build your action plan to success

5.00pmPanel Q&A

- Live panel Q&A with software engineers from a variety of backgrounds
- All your burning questions answered
- Make valuable contacts and receive valuable advice


*exact programme subject to change without notice.

Day two: Software Architecture & Testing

10.30amThe New World of a Software Engineer

- Delve into the world of software engineering and the cutting-edge technologies that drive the industry
- Explore the guiding philosophies that push innovation in modern software development
- Immerse yourself in the software engineer’s workflow and devise real-world solutions

11.00amYou Become the Software Architect

- Step into the role of a Software Architect for an international company and spearhead the development of a modern system
- Throughout the rest of the day you will be coached on how to plan, design and test new software to meet the needs of your company by industry leading professionals
- Compete against other teams in a dynamic, vibrant atmosphere

11.15amSoftware Architecture

- Discover how software architects conceptualise the structure and constraints of software
- Master the art of software architecture patterns in object-oriented design
- Assess business requirements to devise a blueprint for your company’s system

1.00pmLunch break

2.00pmSoftware Design

- Explore the first phase of the software development life cycle
- Create a database schema to implement your software’s functional requirements
- Examine the SOLID principle to create flexible and modular software designs
- Pitch your project outline to key stakeholders and receive personalised feedback

4.15pmSoftware Testing

- Discover the insider stories and the mistakes that have cost tech companies billions
- Explore current testing methodologies to evaluate the functionality of your company’s system
- Devise creative solutions to combat emerging problems in your software

5.00pmTech Interviews in Top Companies

- Learn the tips and tricks you need to succeed in a software engineering interview by leading technical recruiters
- Prepare for the common questions and challenges you will encounter when starting your career in software engineering
- Experience mock interviews and assessment centres used in the Tech Giant recruitment process
- Receive invaluable advice from industry professionals and career coaches and have all your burning questions answered


*exact programme subject to change without notice.

Fees, Eligibility and Options

This programme is for students aged 15-18. No prior knowledge or experience is required. The programme involves a mixture of interactive simulations, exercises and Q&A sessions. You can choose to attend the programme either in-person or ‘Live Online’; the content is the same for both.

Programme Fee:

'Live Online’: £165/student for both days

In-Person: £165/student for one day (you can choose either day 1 or 2) OR £295/student for both days

There is no application process, and you can secure your place simply by clicking “Register Now”. We operate on a first-come first-served basis and programme places are limited.

Venues, Dates & Locations

London, UK


5th - 6th November 2022

University College London (UCL)



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Live Online


5th - 6th March

11am - 5:30pm (UK time)

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5th - 6th November 2022

University College London (UCL)



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5th - 6th March

11am - 5:30pm (UK time)

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As part of your booking, you will receive 12 months’ access to our state-of-the-art tech platform, AmbitionX. Here you will find all of your programme materials and complete post-programme assessments to gain coveted ‘experience points’ to demonstrate your levels of professional development. You will also be able to access any of InvestIN’s Live Online weekend and evening programmes through AmbitionX at no extra cost.

COVID-19 Group

If the in-person programme is cancelled because of Covid-19 then students will have two options: i) move to the next in-person date; ii) move to the ‘Live Online’ version of the programme you selected and be refunded the difference in price. (If you pay via credit because you postponed a previous booking then the credit note will be reissued to you in full). Any government guidance on Covid-related safeguarding (such as the wearing of masks and social distancing) will of course be adhered to. We have managed to successfully deliver in-person programmes during the Covid-19 pandemic, including during the summers of 2020 and 2021, with excellent feedback. We are therefore highly experienced in giving students a fantastic experience even with social distancing rules in place.


If you are trying to register and the registration box is not appearing it is likely because of firewall restrictions on your desktop device. You may wish to try on your mobile device instead. Alternatively, please email with details of the programme you want to register for. We will reserve your place immediately and send you a link to pay by card online.