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The Young Cyber Security Weekend

The Young Cyber Security Weekend

Ages 15 - 18 Live Online

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The Young Cyber Security Expert Weekend gives students aged 15-18 an immersive experience of cyber security. Across 2 days you will take part in a series of role-plays, seminars, simulations and Q&A sessions, all led by a group of experienced cyber security experts.

Attendance will give you a competitive edge in the race for the best universities, colleges and jobs in the field of cyber security, and a 'super-curricular' experience to add to your university or college application.


An Immersive Experience of Cyber Security:

  • Cyber security experts from world-leading companies will coach you through live, interactive experiences including:

  • Becoming a White Hat Hacker and pen-testing a ‘secure’ system

  • Entering a company headquarters and determining the source of a phishing scam

  • Separating fact from fiction in the most famous cinematic hacking scenes

  • Devising innovative and creative ideas to promote cybercrime awareness and prevention

Career Coaching for Young Cyber Security Experts:

  • Training on how to fulfil your ambitions of becoming a cyber security expert

  • An action plan detailing how to break into the cyber security industry, starting now

  • Coaching by experts on A-level/IB/college class choices; university/college and degree choices; extra-curricular activities; work experience; application and interview techniques

An Audience With Top Cyber Security Experts:

  • Q&A time with a selection of leading cyber security experts from a range of disciplines

  • Unlimited lifetime access to our guidance and expertise. Students can contact us for further advice at any time

Boost Your University/College Application and CV/Resumé:

  • Attendance demonstrates you’ve gained key skills such as critical & innovative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and commercial awareness

  • Complete the online assessment after the programme and receive a personalised certificate to include in your applications

Fees, Eligibility and Options

This programme is for students aged 15-18. No prior knowledge or experience is required. The programme involves a mixture of interactive simulations, exercises and Q&A sessions.

Programme Fee:

'Live Online’: £165/student for both days.

There is no application process, and you can secure your place simply by clicking “Register Now”. We operate on a first-come first-served basis and programme places are limited. 




11.00amThe World of Cyber Security

- The pillars of cyber security
- Navigating cyberspace: the new frontier for cybercriminals
- Cyber security experts: discover the various careers available to you

11.30amThe Ethics of Hacking

- Understand the importance of ‘safe hacking’
- Black hat, white hat and grey hat hackers: what is the difference?
- Hacking hurts: discover the financial, social and legal impact of being hacked
- Debate key ethical issues at the heart of cyber security

12.00pmThe Ethical Hacker’s Toolbox

- Discover the many tools available to ethical hackers
- Become a White Hat Hacker as you try to make your way into a “secure” system
- Perform an SQL injection with expert guidance from a real-life pen-tester


2.30pmSeparating Fact from Fiction

- Immerse yourself in the real day-to-day life of a cyber security expert
- Correct common misconceptions about hacking
- Separate fact from fiction in the most famous cinematic hacking scenes

3:30pmEthical Hacking Certificates

- Which ethical hacking certificates will open the right doors for you?
- Get first-hand experience with qualification exam questions and simulations
- Receive expert advice and guidance from real-life penetration testers

4.45pmCareer Coaching

Interactive session dedicated to your journey to becoming a top cyber security expert. Detailed advice on:
- GCSE/A-level/degree/university choices
- Excelling in the UCAS process
- Certifications
- Work experience options
- Career path options for the future
- Equality, diversity, and inclusion in cyber security


*exact programme subject to change without notice.


11.00amCyber Security: Threats & Vulnerabilities

- Know your enemy: navigating the world of cyber criminals
- The latest trends in the cyber threat landscape
- Beyond the open internet: the dark web and data breaches

11.30amNetworks and Exploits

- Improve your networking knowledge: learn the key network components
- Identify security risks and mitigation techniques
- Put a company’s security systems to the test as you search for weaknesses
- Lead your team to victory in a race to build the most secure network

12.30pmOperating Systems

- Learn the tools and methods used to ensure operating system (OS) security
- Discover the most common techniques used to target OS
- Defend your favourite OS: Microsoft, macOS or Linux?
- Test your knowledge: consult with a company and propose the right OS for them


2.30pmSocial Engineering: The Human Target

- Discover the deceptive techniques used to manipulate you into divulging confidential information
- Learn how to secure your devices & avoid becoming a target of cyber crime
- Enter a company headquarters and determine the source of a phishing scam

4.00pmEquality, Diversity & Inclusion in Cyber Security

- Discover the importance of teaching digital literacy skills in schools
- Explore the links between poverty and cybercrime targeting
- Devise creative ideas to promote cybercrime awareness and prevention

4:45pmPanel Q&A

- Live panel Q&A with cyber security experts from a variety of backgrounds
- Get all your burning questions answered
- Receive valuable advice


*exact programme subject to change without notice.

Venues, Dates & Locations

Live Online


15th - 16th January 2022

11am - 5:30pm (UK time)

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15th - 16th January 2022

11am - 5:30pm (UK time)

Register Now


As part of your booking, you will receive 12 months’ access to our state-of-the-art tech platform, AmbitionX. Here you will find all of your programme materials and complete post-programme assessments to gain coveted ‘experience points’ to demonstrate your levels of professional development. You will also be able to access any of InvestIN’s Live Online weekend and evening programmes through AmbitionX at no extra cost.

COVID-19 Group

This programme will be delivered ‘Live Online’, so is not affected at all by any Covid-19 restrictions.


If you are trying to register and the registration box is not appearing it is likely because of firewall restrictions on your desktop device. You may wish to try on your mobile device instead. Alternatively, please email with details of the programme you want to register for. We will reserve your place immediately and send you a link to pay by card online.