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Our Summer Experiences are now almost fully-booked and we expect to close bookings in the next few days. Register now to avoid disappointment.

Our Summer Experiences are now almost fully-booked and we expect to close bookings in the next few days. Register now to avoid disappointment

The Young Engineer Summer Experience

InvestIN Education
InvestIN Education

The Young Engineer Summer Experience


We are now almost fully-booked for this Summer Experience and expect to close registration in the next few days.

The Young Engineer Summer Experience gives students aged 15-18 a fully immersive experience of working as an engineer in London.

Over the course of 15 days, students will have some of the most exclusive experiences of engineering that one can imagine: take apart a petrol engine, visit the largest collection of classic cars in the UK and board a Boeing 747 jet with aerospace engineers.

Join us for a life-changing experience that will set you up for a future as a successful engineer.

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Immersive Engineering Experiences:
  • 'Boeing Experience': exclusive access to a range of commercial aircraft alongside aerospace engineers and pilots at an airfield 
  • Discover the magic of ‘Supercar’ production and design with engineers from leading supercar brands 
  • Take apart a petrol engine under the supervision of a top mechanical engineer 
  • Design an aerofoil and test it live in a wind tunnel with a Rolls Royce engineer 
  • Use structural engineering principals to build your own bridge and test it to make sure it can carry heavy loads 
  • Create your own sustainable engineering solutions to protect the Thames Estuary from the imminent flood risk 
  • Pitch your own cutting-edge engineering start-up to a panel of experts in a simulated Dragons’ Den 
Meet Senior Engineers
  • Be coached through the immersive experiences with engineers from world-renowned firms specialising in mechanical, civil, materials, aerospace engineering and more 
  • Private networking sessions with these professionals, who can become vital connections for your future career
Career Coaching:
  • Receive training on how to land the most desirable jobs in engineering 
  • Advice on subject choices, university selection, work experience, extra-curricular activities and more 
  • World-class professional development training: dedicated coaching on all the soft skills you need to become a top engineer: logical thinking, creativity, teamwork, communication, time management and more 
Competitive Advantage in Your University Applications:
  • Attending the experience demonstrates that you have gained skills which are highly-valued by top universities 
  • Complete the online assessment after the programme and receive a personalised certificate to include in your UCAS/College applications. 
World-Class Universities and World-Class People:
  • Experience one of the best universities on the planet: University College London (UCL). 
  • Meet talented and ambitious students from around the world who fly in for the Summer Experience, creating an invaluable lifetime network. 
Design Your Own Summer Experience:

⦁    Select your preferred length of experience. You can choose to attend for:

1.     Days 1-15 (the full experience); or
2.    Days 1-10 only; or
3.    Days 1-5 only

⦁    Accommodation, meals, guardianship and airport pick-up are available if required and can be added at checkout

Immersive Experience Days 1 - 5

Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Use core concepts and real-world constraints to design a civil engineering masterpiece 
  • Build a structure to carry weight across two points in a graduate recruitment-style group task 
  • Compete against other attendees to impress the judges and become the most successful engineer 

Materials and Aerospace Engineering 

  • Understand the physics of flight when manufacturing a high-performing aerofoil 
  • Work with a Rolls Royce engineer to improve and test 3D-printed aerofoil designs 
  • Find the optimum conditions for flight using a wind tunnel 
  • Discuss your results with top material and aerospace engineers and propose solutions to achieve the most aerodynamic design 

The Boeing Experience 

  • Visit an airfield and explore a range of commercial aircraft with pilots and aerospace engineers 
  • Learn how the design of different aircraft and gliders varies depending on function 
  • Rig and derig a glass fibre glider with traditional controls, working as a team to lift the wings and secure the main rigging pins 
  • Work alongside electrical engineers and pilots to programme a fly-by-wire control panel 

Engineering in the 21st Century: Robotics and Machine Learning 

  • Discover how modern engineering has become more efficient with the invention of ground-breaking technology 
  • Investigate how innovative biomedical engineering solutions will improve medical diagnostics and enhance treatments 
  • Explore how automation and data are taking over the manufacturing industry 
  • Design your own AI creation with top robotics engineers 
  • Decipher what the future of engineering looks like and how you can help solve global challenges 

How to Become a Successful Engineer 

  • Your path to success: understanding the key decisions ahead and how to maximise your chances of success 
  • Making the right subject choices: A-level/IB/university and beyond 
  • Securing work experience and designing an impactful CV/resume 
  • Powerful interview techniques 
  • Coaching from engineers on what you can do now to stand out in the future 

We are now almost fully-booked for this Summer Experience and expect to close registration in the next few days.

This Summer Experience is for students aged 15-18 and you do not require any prior knowledge to attend.

There are 3 start dates you can select from for 2023: 7th July; OR 28th July; OR 18th August.

You can choose to attend for either days 1-5, days 1-10 or days 1-15; and either with or without accommodation. Pricing for all options is set out below.

Click “Register Now” to book your place. Alternatively, if you wish to pay via invoice, please complete this form and a member of our team will reach out to you.

London 5-Day London 10-Day London 15-Day
Length Days 1-5 Days 1-10 Days 1-15
Programme a Fly-by-wire control panel. Design an aerofoil for flight. Exclusive question and answer session with a NASA scientist
Take apart a petrol engine. Discover Extreme E racing. Experience how engineers tackle climate change
Private networking session at UCL with top engineers
5 days dedicated to coaching you on how to get a top engineering job
Summer Experience fee £1475 £2850 £3950
Optional fee for University of London accommodation (private single rooms) with all meals and guardianship included Available for an additional
Available for an additional
Available for an additional
Optional fee for London airport pick-up and drop-off (each way) Available for an additional
Available for an additional
Available for an additional

Choose a location below:

In Person

Available dates:

  • 7th July, 28th July or 18th August


  • The programme is based at UCL and the surrounding University of London campus. Certain days take place in other key industry locations in London.

Accommodation location:

Please find below some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions you'll be able to find our full FAQ list here and you are also welcome to reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help!

When is the deadline for registering for an experience?
Places on our programmes are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis so we will close registration as soon as we reach capacity, because of this we would always recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to attend.
Do I get a certificate?
Upon completion of the programme you will receive a bespoke certificate to include in all of your future applications. This will help you stand out from the crowd and show your passion for your chosen career. Letters of attendance are also available upon request at
Who are your safeguarding team?
On each Summer Experience, we have safeguarding team members on-site 24/7 to promote the safeguarding and pastoral welfare of our students. Our team are security-vetted (enhanced DBS-checked) professionals who work in education full time and our team is made up of Academic Professionals / LSA, Safeguarding Officers, Nursing Professionals, and Mental Health Practitioners. Students will therefore always be able to easily contact a guardian, should they need any support.
What is included in the accommodation package?
You can choose to add our accommodation package to your booking where you will be allocated to the University of London's Garden Halls, College Hall, or International Hall. Here, you will enjoy your own private room, 3 meals a day, and 24/7 guardianship. There are also lots of communal areas such as a games room and cinema room where you will be able to socialise with other students. Our safeguarding team will also put on evening activities such as trivia night, games night, and sports evenings. You will be able to arrive at the accommodation the day before the programme starts and checkout will be the day after the programme comes to an end.
Do you offer payment plans?
We offer payment plans for our Summer Experiences, allowing you to pay in instalments. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your place. To arrange your personalised plan contact contact us at
Will there be any opportunities for rest days?
On the mornings of day 6 and day 11 you will have rest time to allow you to recharge for the next period of your programme. You will also have time in the evenings and during your lunch break to relax and socialise with the other students on the experience.



There are no travel restrictions in place in order to enter the UK; you are not required to test or to provide proof of vaccination status, so you can book your programme place with confidence.



If you are trying to register and the registration box is not appearing it is likely because of firewall restrictions on your desktop device.

You may wish to try on your mobile device instead. Alternatively, please email with details of the programme you want to register for. We will reserve your place immediately and send you a link to pay by card online.