What We Do

InvestIN Education provides short, intensive programmes which coach students how to get into the world’s most highly-prized professions: Investment Banking, Law, Medicine, Engineering and Journalism.

These programmes are split into two distinct age groups: for 15-18 year olds we have The Young Investment Banker Programme, The Young Doctor ProgrammeThe Young Lawyer Programme, The Young Journalist Programme and The Young Engineer Programme; for university-level students we have The Young Investment Banker Weekend and The Young Lawyer Recruitment Programme. All our programmes take place at weekends so as not to interfere with students’ study schedules.

Key features of the programmes are as follows:

  1. The programmes are taught by professionals from the world’s leading investment banks, law firms, barristers’ chambers and medical practices. You will therefore meet and be advised by people in the best position to mentor you through to a successful career.
  2. The main emphasis will be on teaching through real-life examples and group exercises. These will give you a genuine insight into what the work involves and how it should be approached.
  3. You will be trained to excel at interviews and application forms, by professionals who themselves have been involved in recruiting graduates. This training is crucial for success in university internship and job applications.

Over the past decade, we have seen a significant increase in competitiveness amongst prestigious careers – the number of graduate positions is simply not increasing at the same speed as the number of graduates. This has resulted in a greater enthusiasm amongst students to start obtaining practical experience at an earlier age, as well as prove their dedication to employers by taking the time to attend programmes like ours.

Our mission is to equip these students with the skills and knowledge that they cannot gain elsewhere, to help them achieve their true potential.