Our Approach

We have taken the combined knowledge of dozens of leading finance, accountancy, medical, legal, engineering and journalism professionals and distilled their experiences into some truly unique programmes. Our teaching ethos is to both explain the theoretical background of the topic and to supplement that at every stage with practical, real-life case studies.

We employ approximately a 40/20 split of teaching and group exercises: each hour of the programme will comprise 40 minutes of teaching and 20 minutes of active group participation with support from assistant lecturers. Approaches using the Case Method puts students in the driving seat and allows them to explore how to make professional decisions, and justify them to their colleagues. This develops their skills of teamwork, presentation, and analytical and lateral thinking; which are the abilities that leading universities and top-ranked employers are looking for. We also aim to develop students' commercial instincts to help them spot opportunities in the world around them more effectively.