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InvestIN programmes offer students an immersive experience of their dream career, giving them the confidence to choose the right career and maximise their potential. Attendees gain unique insight through simulations, seminars, Q&As with industry leaders and personalised career coaching.

We offer experiences in 28 of the world’s most competitive careers. These range from investment banking and law to filmmaking and video game design.

Our UK programmes run in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. Our international in person programmes run in Dubai and New York with live online options running in Singapore and Hong Kong. We hold our programmes at top universities like UCL or NYU. During our summer experiences, students also get the opportunity to visit top firms in the industry. We are not affiliated with these institutions, but hire space on a commercial basis only.

Our programmes are aimed at passionate students aged 12-18 with a drive to know what working in a particular industry is really like. Our ‘Young’ Programmes are for students aged 15-18, while our 'Future' Programmes are specifically designed for attendees aged 12-14. Each programme is designed to offer a unique insight into the field.

Our programmes provide students with the ultimate experience of their dream career. The hands-on simulations and exposure to a range of professionals give students a chance to immerse themselves in their chosen field, an opportunity not usually available to students. Attendance demonstrates a student’s passion for their industry, enabling them to boost their UCAS/college applications and providing an excellent talking point for interviews. Students will also gain an invaluable network of top professionals in their chosen field.