The Young Lawyer Summer Internship

London Ages 15-18 Timezone: GMT+1

In Person Date Only
23rd July - 1st August 2021

Starts at 2.00pm

Starts at 2.00pm

In Person Date Only
20th August to 29th August 2021

Starts at 2.00pm

Starts at 2.00pm

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Internship Overview

The Young Lawyer Summer Internship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspiring lawyers to undertake the work experience of their dreams in London.

Over the course of 10 days, students aged 15-18 will have some of the most prestigious experiences of legal practice that one can imagine: arguing a human rights case in London’s Supreme Court; handling a murder case from start to finish under the guidance of senior barristers; and attending a private coaching session with corporate lawyers on the top floor of a City of London skyscraper. 

Also available on the internship are immersive visits to the University of Oxford, and companies who are revolutionising legal practice through artificial intelligence.

Join us for a life-changing experience that will serve as an outstanding differentiator on your university application form and set you up for a future as a successful lawyer.

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Internship Highlights

Covid-19: We are proud to report that our Summer 2020 Internships did go ahead as planned in London, with strict social distancing measures in place. The feedback was outstanding, averaging 9.2 out of 10! 

You can therefore register with confidence. Full details of our Covid-19 policy are set out later on this page.


Immersive Legal Experiences:

  • Argue a human rights case in London’s Supreme Court
  • Represent your client in a live murder trial: conduct opening and closing speeches, cross-examine witnesses and examine forensic evidence
  • Experience Corporate Law through an interactive session with commercial lawyers on the top floor of one of London's most iconic skyscrapers (The Shard)
  • Powerful public speaking coaching by expert barristers

Senior Lawyers From A Variety Of Specialities:

  • Be coached through the immersive experiences with lawyers from world-renowned firms specialising in Criminal, Corporate, Human Rights, International Law and more
  • Private networking sessions with these professionals, who can become vital connections for your future career

Personalised Career Coaching:

  • Bespoke career coaching: have your CV reviewed by a legal recruitment expert and receive a dynamic, personalised development plan to reach the height of your career ambitions
  • Training on how you can get one of the most desirable jobs in law, starting now: A-level/IB, university and degree choices; extra-curricular activities; work experience; application and interview techniques.

    Competitive Advantage In Your University Applications:

    • Attending the internship demonstrates that you’ve gained key skills such as teamwork, attention-to-detail, public speaking and commercial awareness, which are highly-valued by top universities
    • Complete the online assessment after the programme and receive a personalised certificate to include in your UCAS/College applications.

    World-Class Universities And World-Class People:

    • Experience two of the best universities on the planet: Oxford and University College London (UCL).
    • Meet talented and ambitious students from around the world who fly in for the internship, creating an invaluable lifetime network.

    Design Your Own Internship:

    • Choose to attend the Full Internship (10 days) or Half Internship (5 days)
    • Accommodation, meals, guardianship and airport pick-up are available if required and can be added at checkout. London accommodation is provided at UCL’s halls of residence. Evening social activities will also be provided for students booking with accommodation. 

    Programme Fee, Format & Options

    The internship will take place on 23rd July – 1st August 2021 OR 20th – 29th August 2021

    You can choose either the Half Internship (5 days) or the Full Internship (10 days)

    Listed on the table below is a breakdown of the pricing options and what is included. Places are highly limited. The only way to guarantee your place is to click 'Register Now' and enter your details.

    In select circumstances, we can offer payment by instalments, which requires a 50% deposit. To speak to a Student Experience Manager about your personal circumstances please click here OR email us at OR call us on +44 (0) 203 488 5089.

    Highlights Half Internship Full Internship
    Days of Timetable Days 1-5 Days 1-10
    Immersive murder trial experience: Cross-examine witnesses; analyse real-life criminal evidence; perform opening and closing speeches. Coaching on how to become a top criminal lawyer.
    Argue a human rights case before a judge in London’s Supreme Court. Attend a meeting with corporate lawyers on the top floor of one of London's most iconic skyscrapers. Comprehensive public speaking coaching by barristers.
    Private networking session with top London lawyers.
    Experiences at The University of Oxford, a pioneering legal technology company and some of London’s leading legal landmarks.
    Personalised career coaching day. Receive a dynamic, bespoke development plan to reach the height of your career ambitions.
    Internship (without accommodation or meals)

    Additional price for London accommodation on UCL’s campus with all meals and guardianship included

    Additional price for London airport pick-up and drop-off (each way)











    3pmThe Internship Begins

    - Keynote speech by the Internship Director
    - Immersive group activities to give you crucial legal skills for the internship ahead: teamwork, public speaking, time management and attention to detail
    - Interactive networking session: meet your fellow interns – talented and ambitious students from around the world who can be powerful contacts for your career ahead


    *exact programme subject to change without notice


    10.30amThe World of a Criminal Lawyer

    - Your role as a criminal lawyer this weekend
    - The legal process
    - The expectations
    - Excelling for your client
    - Then, from 11:00 on Day 2 until 15:30 on Day 3 you will be thrown into a fully-immersive experience of a criminal case. You will be assigned to work for either the Defence or Prosecution and represent your client from start to finish...

    11.00amThe Police Station

    - Review initial disclosure
    - Discuss strategy with the police and the defendants
    - Live police interviews take place
    - Represent your client during the interview

    12.00pmThe Defendants' Previous Convictions

    - Review the evidence
    - Does the evidence strengthen your client's case?
    - Are the witnesses reliable?
    - Decide on the best strategy to pursue

    1.30pmLunch Break

    2.30pmThe First Court Appearance

    - Represent your client for the first time
    - Prosecution opens
    - Argue a 'bad character' application before the judge
    - Should the defendants' previous convictions be kept from the jury?

    4:00pmPreparing For Trial

    - Coaching by barristers on how to prepare for tomorrow's trial
    - Delivering powerful opening and closing speeches
    - The art of successful cross-examination
    - How to approach each witness on the stand
    - Identify your opponent's strengths and weaknesses



    10.30amThe Trial - Part 1

    - Prosecution opens its case
    - Prosecution lawyers: get the key evidence from your witnesses to nail down your case
    - Defence lawyers: cross-examine the Prosecution witnesses to undermine their case

    1.30pmLunch Break

    2.30pmThe Trial - Part 2

    - Defence opens its case
    - Defence lawyers: get the key evidence from your witnesses to nail down your case
    - Prosecution lawyers: cross-examine the defence witnesses to undermine their case

    3.30pmThe Closing Statements And The Decision

    - Closing statements for the defence
    - The jury makes its verdict

    4.00pmCareer Coaching and Networking Session

    - How to break into a career as a criminal lawyer
    - Coaching on choosing the right university, A-levels and degree subject, and how to get the right work experience
    - Q&A panel and networking session with experienced criminal lawyers


    Morning & AfternoonLaw in the City

    - An interactive day putting you at the heart of legal work in the City of London
    - Attend a meeting with corporate lawyers on the top floor of one of London's most iconic skyscrapers: The Shard
    - Interactive training sessions on the most important skills you need for a future in corporate law
    - Training by graduate recruitment experts on how you can become a corporate lawyer, starting now
    - Understand how lawyers shape the world of international business

    EveningPrivate Networking Session

    - Private networking session with top corporate lawyers


    Morning & AfternoonEnter The Supreme Court

    - Enter the highest court in England, where some of the most famous judgments in modern jurisprudence are handed down
    - Argue a human rights case in a courtroom
    - Coaching by expert barristers on how to become a powerful public speaker – one of the most sought-after skills amongst successful professionals: finding the crucial arguments; creating a powerful energy and aura; physical presence and body language; selecting key words for emphasis; perfecting and varying your intonation; practice sessions and feedback


    3 Full DaysUniversity of Oxford & Digital Law

    - Experience some of Oxford’s most iconic colleges and buildings. Meet Oxford students and get their advice on how to gain a place there for yourself
    - Experience-session with a company revolutionising legal practice through artificial intelligence
    - Understand first-hand how technology is changing how legal services are delivered
    - Discover the institutions that make London the world's most famous city for legal practice: the Royal Courts of Justice, the Houses of Parliament, and the Old Bailey
    - Understand why the English legal system has been mirrored all over the world and why the Magna Carta is considered the most important constitutional document in history
    - Cultural activities at some of London's most renowned landmarks


    11.00amApplying for Top Legal Jobs

    - CVs, cover letters and application forms for top law firms and barristers' chambers
    - Ensuring you have both the style and substance to make it to the interview stage

    12.00pmWork Experience

    - Coaching on how to get the work experience that legal employers are looking for - both traditional forms of work experience and other relevant experience that will make your application stand out, including extra-curricular activities
    - How to make the most of work experience once you get it - impressing employers and using this as a gold star on your CV

    1.00pmLunch Break

    2.00pmAssessment Centres

    - How to impress during assessment centres
    - Experience mock assessment centre activities used by both law firms and barristers' chambers and receive feedback on your performance


    - Coaching on how to excel at the interview stage
    - Preparation; style; body language; understanding what you are really being asked; answering difficult questions and more
    -Interactive interview exercises for you to participate in



    MorningThe Internship Review

    - A review of what you have gained during the internship
    - How to use this once-in-a-lifetime experience as a springboard for your future
    - Farewell speech by internship director

    2pmInterns Depart

    Venue & Dates

    University College London (UCL)

    July OR August 2021

    Programme Location

    UCL, University of Oxford, the Supreme Court, a London skyscraper and other University of London premises. 

    Accommodation Location

    Garden Halls (University of London)
    1 Cartwright Gardens
    King's Cross
    WC1H 9EN

    Open in Google Maps

    You can download a full digital brochure of Garden Halls, by clicking below:

    Download Digital Brochure

    Who Can Attend

    The Internship is for students aged 15-18 who have the passion and ambition to both learn about this career and start boosting their university/college applications & CVs. If you are a student who is slightly older or younger than our guidelines, then please do get in touch with us to discuss your specific situation.

    You can secure your place simply by clicking “Register Now”.

    There is no application process. We operate on a first-come first-served basis and programme places are highly limited. We expect to be fully-booked for our summer internships several months in advance so advise you to register as soon as possible.

    No prior knowledge or experience is required to join this programme as we build your knowledge from the basics up to more advanced concepts.


    Our Summer 2020 Internships in London went ahead as planned with strict social distancing measures in place. The feedback was outstanding, averaging 9.2 out of 10!

    We are therefore very confident that the 2021 Internships will be able to take place too. In the unlikely event that the Internship is completely cancelled because of Covid-19 then you will receive a refund. 

    (If you pay via credit because you postponed a previous booking then the credit note will be reissued to you in full). 

    You can view our Covid-19 risk mitigation measures policy document here. This will be constantly updated; we shall follow all government guidelines in place at the time of the Internship. 


    We exist to give students a life-changing experience. We are proud to report that we have an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Google Reviews. Our Google reviews can be read in full here, and some highlights are below.


    If you are trying to register and the registration box is not appearing it is likely because of firewall restrictions on your desktop device. You may wish to try on your mobile device instead. Alternatively, please email with details of the programme you want to register for. We will reserve your place immediately and send you a link to pay by card online.

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