The Young Computer Scientist Summer Internship Live Online

The Young Computer Scientist Summer Internship Live Online

London • Ages 15-18

8th - 11th August 2020
Live Online

The Young Computer Scientist Summer Internship Live Online is now full. A 5-day Young Computer Scientist Internship is available in the October half term. You can register for that now by clicking here.

The Young Computer Scientist Summer Internship Live Online gives students aged 15-18 a 360-degree summer work experience in Computer Science, from the comfort of their own home. Over the course of 4 days, you will be working with top Software and AI Engineers, Cyber Security Analysts and Data Scientists, ‘Live & Online’ via our interactive platform.

You will experience the real-life work of a Computer Scientist, with opportunities to build and programme an app, investigate cybercrime through data forensics, become a ‘White Hat Hacker’ and explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You will also have the opportunity to network with our Computer Scientists and ask them all your burning questions.

Join us for a truly unique experience that will serve as an outstanding differentiator on your university and job applications and set you up for a future as a successful Computer Scientist.

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Immersive Computer Scientist Experiences:

  • Work with top Software Engineers to programme the ultimate app 
  • Carry out a data forensics investigation to uncover cybercriminal activity
  • Carry out penetration testing on a ‘secure’ website (Ethical/White Hat Hacking) 
  • Explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence and the evolution of machine learning

Senior Computer Scientists From Global Brands:

  • Be coached through the immersive experiences with Software Engineers, AI Specialists, Data Scientists, Cyber Security Analysts and more
  • Private virtual networking/panel sessions with these professionals, who can become vital connections for your future career

Personalised Career Coaching:

  • Bespoke career coaching: have your CV reviewed by a computer science recruitment expert and receive a dynamic, personalised development plan to reach the height of your career ambitions
  • Training on how you can get one of the most desirable jobs in computer science, starting now: A-level/IB, university and degree choices; extra-curricular activities; work experience; application and interview techniques.

    Competitive Advantage In Your University Applications:

    • Attending the internship demonstrates that you’ve gained key skills such as problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, innovation and commercial awareness, which are highly valued by top universities
    • Complete the online assessment after the programme and receive a personalised certificate to include in your UCAS/College applications.

    Design Your Own Virtual Internship:

    • Choose to attend the Executive Internship (4-days) or Internship (3-days)
    • Students who attend the Executive Internship will have their credentials reviewed by a computer science recruitment expert and receive a dynamic, personalised development plan so they can start tailoring their background for the hugely competitive world of computer science.

      Internship Format & Options:

      The programme involves a mixture of interactive simulations, exercises and Q&A sessions delivered via our state-of-the-art, interactive online platform. The internship is delivered LIVE by experienced professionals.

      Internship Fee:


      £350/student. Places are limited. If 2 or more places are booked students receive a 10% discount. Enter code GROUP10 at checkout to benefit from this.

      Executive Internship

      £495/student which also includes the Personalised Career Coaching day – a computer science recruitment expert will review your credentials and give you a personalised development plan. Places are limited. If 2 or more places are booked students receive a 10% discount. Enter code GROUP10 at checkout to benefit from this.

      For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

        Day 1: Software Engineering
        11.00am The World of a Computer Scientist - Today’s fastest growing industry: Computer Scientists as the key players in global commerce
        - How to make your mark in the industry defining the future
        - Software engineering in the most cutting-edge industries and technologies
        - The possibilities, demands and expectations
        11.15am You Become the Software Engineer - Explore the languages and tools of modern software engineering, and specifically, app development
        - Become the ‘Full-Stack Developer’ for a start-up and be coached on how to devise the ultimate app by industry leading professionals
        11.45am Front End & User Experience - Know your audience: breaking into the minds of your consumers
        - The fundamentals of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
        - Demystifying the jargon and understanding the crucial elements of responsive design
        12.45pm Back-End and Server-Side Development - How to think algorithmically and solve programming problems efficiently
        - Getting hands-on with one of the most popular back-end languages: Python
        - Learn how to store data in a relational database
        - Use these tools to develop web applications with clean, portable, well-documented code
        1.30pm Lunch Break
        2.00pm Design a Unique App alongside Top Executives - Work with leading software engineers to design a bespoke app for your client
        - Compete against your peers to create the most innovative solution
        - Experience for yourself the challenges and innovations involved in today’s technology
        - Receive guided feedback at every stage from leading executives
        4.00pm Close

        *exact programme subject to change without notice

        Day 2: Artificial Intelligence
        11.00am What is Artificial Intelligence? - The possibilities, limitations and dangers of a rapidly-advancing technology
        - Powerful examples of AI in use today
        - Career opportunities: harnessing AI to solve real-world problems
        11.30am The Evolution of Machine Learning & Big Data - AI vs Machine Learning case study: from Chatbots to Virtual Assistants
        - Progressive, self-learning algorithms: explore how systems apply complex mathematical calculations to big data, identify patterns and come to conclusions with minimal human intervention
        12.00pm Supervised vs Unsupervised Machine Learning - Differentiating the possibilities of machine learning with labelled and unlabelled datasets
        - Predicting a chosen target variable with supervised machine learning
        - Explore how advanced unsupervised tools can be potential insights determined from raw, unstructured data
        - Build an intimate understanding of how a machine learning algorithm learns from data: Decision Trees
        1.30pm Lunch Break
        2.00pm Reinforcement Learning - Goal-oriented algorithms and how to attain a complex objective by learning from mistakes: State, Action, Reward
        - Artificial neural networks & reinforcement learning architecture
        - Theory intuition session: Deep Q-Learning
        - Case study: explore machine vision capabilities in driverless cars
        3.00pm Career Coaching & Panel Q&A - Your path to becoming a top Computer Scientist starting now
        - A Level/IB, university and degree choices
        - How to stand out: work experience, extracurriculars, hard and soft skills
        - Panel discussion with industry experts
        4.00pm Close

        *exact programme subject to change without notice

        Day 3: Cybersecurity
        11.00am Inside The World of Cyber Security - Our time is now: data as the most valuable asset in today’s software-driven economy
        - Navigating the world of cybercriminals: cyber threat as one of the most critical risks to business
        - The latest trends in the threat landscape
        11.30am Your Data Footprint - Discover the longevity of your actions on the internet
        - Clean up your data exhaust
        - Beat the phishing scams and malware attacks: understanding the tools of deception used to manipulate you into divulging confidential or personal information
        12.30pm Data Forensics - Carry out your own data forensics investigation to uncover cyber-criminal activity
        - Work alongside leading Cyber Security Analysts to acquire, examine and analyse digital evidence
        1.30pm Lunch Break
        2.00pm You Become the ‘White Hat Hacker’ - Ethical hacking: play defence against cybercriminals
        - Simulate a cyberattack to identify vulnerabilities in a ‘secure’ network
        - Penetration testing: compete against your peers and work under time pressure to hack into a specially designed “secure” website
        4.00pm Close

        *exact programme subject to change without notice

        Day 4 (Executive Internship Only)
        Morning & Afternoon Your Future as a Computer Scientist - Personal career coaching: have your CV and background reviewed by computer science career experts
        - Receive a dynamic, personalised development plan to reach the height of your career ambitions
        - A day for professionals to help you focus on your personal aspirations, and your future as a successful computer scientist

        *exact programme subject to change without notice

        Venue & Dates

        Live Online:

        8th - 11th August 2020

        You can attend this programme via our state-of-the-art, interactive online platform from anywhere in the world. All the content will be delivered in a live, interactive manner and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of our experienced professionals. All you need is an internet connection; we will send you full details of how to access the programme well in advance.


        The Internship is for students aged 15-18 who have the passion and ambition to both learn about this career and start boosting their university/college applications & CVs. If you are a student who is slightly older or younger than our guidelines, then please do get in touch with us to discuss your specific situation.

        You can secure your place simply by clicking “Register Now”.

        There is no application process. We operate on a first-come first-served basis and programme places are highly limited. We expect to be fully-booked for our Summer Internships several months in advance so advise you to register as soon as possible.

        No prior knowledge or experience is required to join this programme as we build your knowledge from the basics up to more advanced concepts.


        We exist to give students a life-changing experience. We are proud to report that we have an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Google Reviews. Our Google reviews can be read in full here, and some highlights are below.


        If you are trying to register and the registration box is not appearing it is likely because of firewall restrictions on your desktop device. You may wish to try on your mobile device instead. Alternatively, please email with details of the programme you want to register for. We will reserve your place immediately and send you a link to pay by card online.

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