My Experience - The Young Lawyer Programme

March 27, 2017 1 min read

By Aaron Kirsopp, Alumnus of The Young Lawyer Programme 2017

The Young Lawyer Programme has given me an edge against other hard working future lawyers. 

This programme gave me the opportunity to shake hands with those who have made news breaking headlines and are living my dream. It’s like watching your favourite band in the front row, only to be invited back stage to hear about their tour stories. Two years ago I saw myself touring the world in my band, or even engineering the industry’s most popular artists. However, I never found myself intellectually challenged, and was always thirsty for more. I was also more interested in contracts and law suits than recording and mixing records. I chose the wrong path, and this Programme has given me the chance to cut across the green and start my journey at becoming an associate in the Magic Circle. 


Thank you InvestIN, you are invaluable to me.

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