My Experience on The Young Investment Banker Programme

August 09, 2016 2 min read

By Josh Davies, Alumnus of The Young Investment Banker Programme 2016

On 17th July 2016, I travelled to London to attend the Young Investment Banker Program at University College London. I was looking forward to the opportunity to talk to experienced people who had all pursued careers within the investment banking sector. Also, I was looking forward to this opportunity because I had previously heard rather diverse opinions on investment banking; ranging from the hours being very long, the job being boring to it being one of the most exciting jobs out there – with lots of spontaneity due to the economic market being extremely unpredictable. Being at the event I would then be able to find out the truth as I would be able to ask bankers with first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day requirements of investment banking i.e. what their jobs actually entailed.
Before visiting the seminar, I had a clear determination to become an investment banker due to the spontaneity of the job – the fact that it was well paid was also an added bonus! The seminar allowed me to learn much more about how an investment bank works of which I did not know much. I found it riveting because I learnt about the complexity of the economic market and the dynamics of a trading floor. Whilst there, we went through how bidding works in the stock market; the two-way bid. At first, this process seemed rather complex and difficult to understand but it seemed to me that I was not the only one who felt the same. As students were asking various questions searching for understanding of this complicated process the lecturers went over this and made it clear. Eventually, due to the great communication skills of the lecturers, we began to thoroughly comprehend how this process worked. He also gave us tips about the importance of knowing this, as he said that it would really impress an interviewer. This was just one of the many complicated processes of the day that we covered, but, we covered them all thoroughly enough that we all understood them.
Sitting in the seminar room, amongst other people, all determined to become investment bankers, I realised the vast competitiveness of the career. Due to both the intellectual talent sitting beside me and the impressive turnout the seminar has given me even more determination that this is the right career path for me.

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