My Experience on The Young Investment Banker Programme

July 25, 2016 2 min read

By Nathan Taylor, Young Investment Banker Programme Alumnus 2016

I am an A-level student studying at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School’s sixth form. On Sunday the 17th July, I attended The Young Investment Banker Programme at UCL to find out more about a career I was initially intrigued by. Following the programme, I am now seriously considering becoming an Investment Banker. During the programme, I learnt the different roles in a typical investment bank, their daily routines and application progress. I enjoyed learning how analysts and associates research and analyse financial statements of companies. They create financial models and work with vice presidents and the directors and managing directors to create a pitch book to propose an investment. This interested me as one thing that originally fascinated me was using numerical and strong communication skills in sales and trading, however after learning more about investment banking roles I realised that these numerical skills and presentation skills could be used together to work in a team. This is one aspect of the role that entices me, I believe I thrive in a team to achieve an objective. Long hours and hard work are not features of a job that scare me, instead, they excite me.

One aspect that particularly drew my attention to the banking sector is the determination and dedication required, and after the InvestIN programme I am more confident that working in an investment bank, whether it may be in sales & trading, mergers & acquisitions, equity capital markets or debt capital markets, is a role very much suited to my qualities and work ethic. Since the programme, I have made small adjustments and advancements to help prepare me for a role in this field. I have created my own LinkedIn account and started to attempt to communicate with firms in the City to discuss insight days in order to develop my network and get on-the-job experience.

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