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InvestIN Behind the Brand

07 September 2021

Behind the Brand


It all began when two friends had a brilliant idea over ramen. 

Watch our co-founders, Shameer Thobhani and Hitesh Chowdhry, chat about how InvestIN was formed and how they made it what it is today.

Before InvestIN, Hitesh was a lawyer and Shameer worked in investment banking. 

Though they both - luckily - enjoyed their work, they knew the decision to pursue their chosen fields had been relatively uninformed. They never had the opportunity to try out these careers, or speak to professionals within the industry before making the leap.

That’s when they realised - wouldn’t it be great if young people could test drive a career before committing to it?

And so, InvestIN was born.

Young people are making life changing decisions and we help them make the right ones

A passion for experiential learning and a desire to help young people succeed made the company what it is today.

InvestIN strives to provide vital knowledge and unparalleled experiences to help empower young people to choose their career with confidence and maximise their potential.

On our programmes, students gain a 360-degree experience of their dream career before they’ve left school. They can meet and learn from industry leaders in 28 of the world's most desirable careers and gain invaluable guidance on how to enter the industry.

Our teaching is hands-on and interactive, conducted through a series of immersive simulations, interactive demonstrations, 1:1 career coaching sessions and personalised development opportunities.

We’re proud to say that the passion for learning has grown alongside the organisation. In 2012, InvestIN offered 2 programmes; now, there are 28.

We can’t wait for the next chapter.